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Right now in my head, there is a 30-car pile up. I am immobilized. There are so many things I should do—so many projects I should be working on, but I stare at the computer and try to figure out which one goes first. Which one is the most likely to get a result? Which one might push me further down the road to publication?

Should I be starting the research for my second book in my Sydney series, so if the iron strikes hot later this year when it comes out, I am ready to go with Book Two. And how about those picture books I’ve written. Should I re-edit them, send them off to the critique group and try submitting them again? Yes, of course!

I got up early enough, got the coffee made and headed out to the porch for a few minutes of Bible reading and what I hoped would be, thoughtful prayer. Everyone in the family came out to talk to me. An hour and a half later, the cars in my head started piling up.

I watched a few minutes of news—so depressing. When did hate and anger become the Great American Pastime? Everyone has an opinion and an agenda and they despise the guy with the opposing point of view.

More cars.

Finally made it to the office. Emails and details. Summer’s coming and trips and plans need to be made. I am the keeper of the calendar. I register, I Groupon, I schedule, so that the end result is my 10-year old grandson has places to go and things (mostly sports) to do throughout the summer. It is as much for my sanity as it is for his, and for my daughter, who works like a fiend at a crab house in the Baltimore heat.

At last, the time to work as a writer is here. Now what?

The last few rejections took a bit of a toll on me. I tried a couple of kid’s magazines, and so far 2 out of 3 have come back ‘no’. The last picture book I wrote, which I thought was clever and timely, has also come back with a few ‘no’s.

And like the fog in some cheesy horror flick, doubt has crept in.

But…I am a great believer in Perspective. I love Perspective! I need Perspective!

What can Perspective do right now? Well, it will take my doubts and insecurities and move them away from the creepy, foggy shroud of fear and bring them into a more realistic, and kind, light.

Perspective will bring along his friends, Perseverance and Determination. They have something to say. “Get in the seat. Stay in the seat. You have something to say—so say it. Details and emails will always be there. Move forward—even if it’s only a little.”

Then Hope shows up. Hope shows up in the most unlikely of places. In the midst of a pile of rejection slips, Hope pats you on the hand, and says, “You’ve come a long way, you’re making progress. Don’t give up.”

Hope challenges anxiety to a duel—and wins. She much stronger than she looks and her roots go deep.

Perspective has done its job. The 30-car pile up is all but gone and the fog has lifted. I didn’t get too much done, this blog is really all. But it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve squeezed out the time to write, and once again, I am amazed at how much I enjoy the process. It’s the getting started I don’t like, but from all I’ve read, that is a common problem amongst writers.

I made a little headway today. Other things call, but Perseverance, Determination and Hope will be waiting for me tomorrow.

Thanks Perspective!

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